Vintage Unique Solid Teak Coffee Table. 

This stunning coffee table has been a bit of a mystery to us. Made from solid teak with a truly unique shape/design, it is a little reminiscent of the sought after furniture by American company Drexel.

After asking a couple of experts with more knowledge than ourselves, Asian/Far East origin seems to be the general consensus.

The method for holding the top to the side rails is not common. It is not a practice that lends itself to mass production but rather sits with a handmade approach to furniture. This is also not a typical Western approach to furniture making, which also confirms the thought it was made in the Far East.

As it turns out, the family from which the coffee table comes from lived all over the world including the Far East. It is most likely the family had the table made by a skilled craftsman to suit the style of the time and brought it back to the UK with them.

Displaying gorgeous warm rich tones, the shapely figure of the grain has a slight rosewood look to it, and therefore has some areas that are darker than others. The quality is absolutely superb and is stunning from whatever angle it’s viewed from.

With its long length, bulged middle and shapely legs, it is the perfect piece to inject some Mid-Century sophistication into your home. Chances are, you won’t ever see another like it!

The table has been fully stripped back and refinished but as with most items of this age, there are still some signs of minor wear as we have tried our best to photograph.

Measures approximately 184cm long and 44.5cm wide, and 41cm tall.

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