Vintage Cross Base Sideboard by Beithcraft.

Beithcraft is a Scottish furniture maker renowned for making some of the finest quality furniture. They left a legacy of bold and premium designs crafted for discerning customers. The furniture was produced in low volume and has today become highly coveted for it’s elegant and organic style.

The sideboard’s unmistakable cross base and curved ends along with exceptional craftsmanship really make this piece stand out. It is also very practical and multi-purpose providing plenty of storage space with three drawers and three cupboards.

From 1845 until 1980, Beithcraft manufactured various quality pieces apt for the modern homes today.

The origin of furniture making can be traced back to Mathew Dale who in 1845 started hand-crafting the furniture for locals. Then a former employee of Dale, Matthew Pollock took the legacy forward by introducing machinery in the factory set 3 miles away from the town at Beith North railway station.

After 12 years, Pollock sold the factory to Robert Balfour. In 1872, he built a factory near Beith Town railway station and asked the railway company to build a siding to allow easy transportation of raw materials and finished goods.

The industry expanded across the local area making it a centre of excellence in furniture manufacturing and building its reputation throughout the world as makers of high-quality furniture. However, Beithcraft closed down in 1983 after a massive fire and with this final closure came the end of the Beith reputation for being one of the main furniture manufacturings centres in the country.

The sideboard has been fully stripped and refinished. It most likely only had one owner from new but still has some traces of its previous life including some marks, scratches and small nibbles. None of which however detracts from the stunning overall appearance of this piece.

Measures approximately 207cm long, 46cm deep and 74cm tall.

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