Vintage Sex Shop Light Up Sign. 

Once residing in the window of a little old sex shop, this light would have been a beacon for anybody wanting to pick up the latest copy of Parade magazine or that Scandinavian Sex Party VHS you’d been hearing so much about.

Very primitive in its construction, the red letters seem to have been hand cut, glued onto a yellow plastic sheet and housed in a metal box. As a result, some of the letters have warped over the years and have bent upwards slightly.

Not only practical for its purpose but a fantastic one off, unique decorator’s piece, adding fun, colour and humour to any room. The light gives off a lovely warm glow when lit up and would make a great alternative lamp for any home or business, sure to stand out in any setting.

In used condition there are plenty of marks, scuffs, chips and scratches all over. Fully rewired with two new strip lights and approximately 290cm of three core twisted cream nylon flex, along with a new UK three pin plug.

Measuring approximately 77cm long, 10cm deep and 19cm tall, the light is fixed by two screws (can be provided if required) through the back plate into the desired surface. You could also turn the yellow sheet around and have the light displayed on a flat surface.

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