Vintage Large Rustic Wooden Folding Trestle Table. 

This lovely extra long wooden trestle table is the perfect addition to any rustic home. Whether for use indoors or out it’s sure to be a stunning focal point for any gathering and get together. With wooden folding legs and metal support braces, these tables are brilliant if you have extra guests and will probably sit 10-12 people.

Not only suitable for dining, these versatile tables also make great desks or work surfaces, with ample space to let your creativity flow freely.

As to be expected these tables come with all the markings, wear, chips and scratches that you would want out of an item of this nature, these tables proudly display their past for all to see. This particular table features some slight bowing to the centre as can hopefully be seen in the photographs, this however does not effect its use and stability, but is obviously noticeable. There are evident signs of old woodworm holes, although we believed these to be dormant and have thoroughly treated the wood just to make sure.

The table came to us missing a wooden end cleat, which we have now replaced.

We believe these tables were once owned and by our local newspaper The Cumberland News and at some point used by a charity in the area. They will have no doubt seen plenty of county fairs, farmers markets, jumble sales and the like in their many years of use.

Please check out our other listings as we have multiples in stock all slightly different.

This particular table measures approximately 245.5cm long, 75cm wide and 74cm tall with an under table height of 71.5cm.

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