Rare Vintage Rosewood Coffee Table 1960s by Ward Bennett for Lehigh Co. 

This absolutely stunning coffee table is the perfect item to inject some mid-century sophistication into your home. With it’s extra long length and beautiful rosewood top, it’s sure to make any living space instantly more attractive.

Ward Bennett was an American designer based in New York City. Leaving school when he was just 13, he went to work in the New York garment district. At 15 he designed his first clothing collection and at 16 he left for Europe, where he continued working in fashion.

While in Europe he attended various art schools, but was mostly self-taught, with skills that ranged from illustrating, sculpting and jewellery-making to furniture, interior and home design.

Bennett, who died in 2003, is considered the first American to use industrial materials for home furnishings, well before the high-tech look of the 1970s became popular. He was hailed by the American Institute of Architects for “transforming industrial hardware into sublime objects”.

Many of Bennett’s designs are in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection, as well as in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum; he is also in Interior Design magazine’s Hall of Fame.

The size, simple steel legs, shape and beautiful wood grain really make this piece stand out, the perfect piece of furniture for any lover of high quality timeless design.

There is nothing superfluous about this lovely coffee table, designed down to its bare essence, which is all that is needed for this table to speak for itself.

In lovely condition the table top has been fully stripped and refinished, and the base metal polished. As with any piece of vintage furniture there may still be signs of its previous life but nothing that detracts from its overall look and functionality.

Measures approximately 153.5cm long and 51cm wide, and 39cm tall.

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