Vintage Mustard Metal Filing Cabinet by Art Metal. 

This four drawer mustard filing cabinet is the perfect item to bring fun and colour into any room of the house or office.

Along with looking great they’re obviously handy for neatly filing and storing away a plethora of papers and general household clutter.

It’s no secret it has been well used over it’s lifetime and features visible knocks, scuffs, scrapes, tarnish, marks, rusting and areas of pitting all over. However, after a thorough clean, it’s ready to be put back to good use once again.

Originally from a now closed Job Centre, this cabinet dates from the 1960s but was upgraded with a brighter colour in the 1970s by a specialist firm.

A classic industrial item that is sure to look great wherever it is placed.

Measures approximately 132cm tall, 45cm wide and 62cm deep. Wherever you put this brute, be sure you’ve got ample help as it’s very heavy.

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