Vintage Large Wooden Rustic Artist Easel by Reeves

Are you a budding Picasso, or fancy yourself as the next Frida Kahlo? Well then, this beautiful artist’s easel is surely the item for you.

Not only functional, but also a lovely decorative piece to display your favourite work of art around your home. Easels are also becoming more and more popular as a piece of furniture in many businesses as a way to display menus, or graphic marketing; the possibilities with this old boy are endless.

The appeal of this easel is not only in its design and rustic nature, but it’s sheer size. Very large and robust, we’re sure this easel will make any space look instantly better.

With obvious signs of wear, including, scuffs, marks, scratching and paint splatters as you’d expect from an item of this nature.

Measures approximately 243cm at its tallest, 74cm wide foot to foot, 78cm deep, and can hold a canvas of up to approximately 193cm tall.

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