Vintage Burgundy Anglepoise Maclamp for Habitat. 

Whenever we see old lamps we can’t help but wonder what secret documents they’ve illuminated in their lifetime. Whose desk have they been sharing residency with, befriending dusty old books and overflowing pots of pens?

There seems to be a little mystery throughout the internet as to who actually designed the Maclamp. Sir Terence Conran is the most common name attributed to this lamp, however many think that it was in fact Jack and George Scott who actually designed it for Habitat back in the 1950s. All we know is that whoever did actually design it did a bloody good job!

Featuring the original wooden arms, as apposed to plastic ones used later in production, this original 1950s/60s Maclamp is sure to brighten up any home.

In good condition with wear commensurate with age, along with some tarnish, marks and chipping.

The lamp has been fully rewired with 3 core twisted old gold nylon flex and has had a new chrome lamp holder and 3 pin UK plug fitted.

Due to the many adjustable positions of the lamp, he’s quite a tricky fella to measure but here are a few approximate measurements to get you going, feel free to get in touch should you require any more. At the tallest point with everything standing to attention/upright, the light measures 63cm while the base of the lamp measures 13cm in diameter. Finally, the cone measures 13cm long with a diameter of 11cm.

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