Vintage Blue Anglepoise Lamp by Herbert Terry & Sons. 

Whenever we see old lamps we can’t help but wonder what secret documents they’ve illuminated in their lifetime. Whose desk have they been sharing residency with, befriending dusty old books and overflowing pots of pens?

This stunning blue Herbert Terry & Sons Apex 90 model anglepoise lamp is an absolute design classic and one which in our opinion no home should be without.

In general good condition for its age, the light holds its positions well and features some chipping and marks to the paint here and there.

The lamp has been rewired with cream nylon twisted flex and has been fitted with a new UK 3 pin plug.

Due to the many adjustable positions of the lamp, it’s quite hard to measure but here’s a few approximate measurements to get you going, feel free to get in touch should you require any more. At the tallest point with everything standing to attention/upright, the light measures 90cm while the base of the lamp measures 16cm in diameter. Finally, the cone measures 21cm long with a diameter of 14cm.

All of our prices include VAT, please get it touch if you require a VAT receipt.

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