Vintage Original 3D Painting by Artist Paul Dunford Dated 1999. 

This rather intriguing mixed media 3D art work is certainly not going to be to everyone’s tastes.

Creepy and a little unnerving, the intention of the piece has most definitely been achieved. Entitled “The Rent Man Cometh”, there’s no wonder the painting manages to achieve these unsettling and ominous feelings.

Behind a very clever functional wood and perspex sash window the old male figure is 3D which makes him much more life like and animated. The main body of the piece is painted onto stretched canvas over a plywood back and has been expertly painted.

Unfortunately we know nothing about the artist, but we’d love to know more about him, this piece in particular, and see more of his work.

It’s sure to spark much interest and endless conversation and look great in any eclectic home.

In general good condition with the usual marks and wear commensurate with age. Measures approximately 51cm wide, 61cm tall and 5cm deep.

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