Unusual Abstract Wooden Sculpture Maquette

We seem to have a habit of buying artworks and sculptures by artists we know nothing about and probably never will. These fabulous, colourful, abstract sculptures are the latest addition to the collection.

Purchased as ‘Contemporary British School, possibly Sue Brown’. We’ve unfortunately not been able to find out anything about the artist. The signature on the bottom of each sculpture, written in marker pen appears to show the initials ‘SYB’ so maybe we’re not looking for a Sue Brown after all?

It’s very hard to date these sculptures knowing very little about them, but we guess they date to around the late 80s or even 90s?

Influence has most likely been taken from ‘new generation sculpture’ who were a group of young British sculptors working in the 1960s. They experimented with materials, forms and colours with the shared aim of ridding sculpture of its traditional base.

Artists such as Phillip King, together with David Annesley, Michael Bolus, Tim Scott, William Tucker and Isaac Witkin were taught by Sir Anthony Caro at St Martins School of Art in London. More information on the movement can be found over on the Tate Museum’s web site.

A unique sculpture piece sure to stand out in any setting, the colours used on each sculpture have lovely muted tones, with a Memphis Group/Ettore Sottsass feeling about them.

Made from wood, the marquettes are a little bit rustic in their execution. Wood filler has been used in places and the odd mis-match colour touch up in parts, along with other signs of wear including marks and scuffs but nothing that detracts from their overall unusual and intriguing appearance. There are also signs of woodworm on this model which appears to be dormant but we have treated it with Cuprinol just to be safe.

Measures approximately 38cm wide, 22cm deep and 33cm tall.

Please note, each of the three sculptures are sold separately.

All of our prices include VAT, please get it touch if you require a VAT receipt.

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